Our Tuition

Read about what makes Tuition Matters special. Below you can lean more about the types of tuition on offer and how students can reach their full potential.

Tailored tuition lessons

During her time teaching at Tuition Matters, Hannah has authored detailed notes on each topic on the A-Level course. She also has an extensive collection of exam questions and mark schemes, grouped together by topic to break down revision into mangeable pieces.

Using their unique log in details, each registered student will have access to all these documents here on the Tuition Matters website.

To supplement written notes, students often watch short videos that can help explain difficult topics more easily. Many students also choose to have homework to build upon ideas covered in the tuition lesson, this will then be marked together using the official exam mark schemes so that the student knows exactly what examiners are looking for in a high-level answer.

Online Tutoring

Online lessons work in exactly the same format as in person lessons; the only difference is that communication is via Skype, a free video call service via the internet.

Online lessons allow the student to get started faster, cutting out travel expenses and enabling a greater degree of flexibility. Tuition can continue whilst abroad during school holidays or away at boarding school. Please see the FAQs for further information.

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Our Lessons

The following lessons are available based on a rate of £50 per hour.

Lesson length is flexible and can be adapted to suit each student.

Tuition Matters A-Level Biology

A-Level Biology

Exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Tuition Matters A-Level Geography

A-Level Geography

Exam board: AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Tuition Matters UCAS Advice

University Application Advice

UCAS and Personal Statement writing, university and course advice, BMAT exam preparation.

Tuition Matters University Biology

University Biology

Dissertation advice, essay planning, proof-reading and time management.

Tuition Matters University Geography

University Geography

Dissertation advice, essay planning, proof-reading and time management.

Tuition Matters Interview Practice

University Interview Practice

Mock interviews tailored to differing unviersity admissions formats.